O Christmas tree, o Christmas tree

Once upon a time (or more precisely 500 years ago) the first ever Christmas tree was decorated in Latvia. Now you can enhance the holiday atmosphere in your home with the first authentic Latvian Christmas tree aroma!

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree – drops

They are made of pure spruce essential oil which is legendary for its refreshing, invigorating and cleansing effect. 

Ingredients: 100% pure spruce needle essential oil produced in Latvia. Essential oil extracted from ecologically clean forest resources by Biolat Made in Latvia


2 ‒ 4 drops on the previously warmed up DETALES scent-stone. To warm up the stone, keep it under hot water for a few minutes. Enjoy the uplifting and healthy scent of a Christmas tree!

Wonder Workers

A tale is always better told with a partner by your side. O Christmas drops work wonders with a few of our products.